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Data Vis Environmental, Yale School of Management

July 22, 2014


The Yale School of Management’s dynamic data visualization as architectural element, by Unified Field.

Occupy George

July 7, 2014


Universal Typeface

June 14, 2014

Universal Typeface

Universal typeface created by combining 21,000+ different handwritten characters

Breathing City

May 14, 2014

Breathing City

Super interesting seeing where the majority of Manhattan live vs where they work

Maps of Jogging Routes in a City’s Rich and Poor Neighborhoods

May 9, 2014

Maps of Jogging Routes in a City's Rich and Poor Neighborhoods

Whoa, this really reminded me of Tara’s project …

good relationships

May 6, 2014

good relationships

this reminds me of the visualization clouds that johannes was working on in his social media project …
I actually prefer the more abstracted version with just the lines.

with the words:

vocabulary used by hip hop artists

May 5, 2014

vocabulary used by hip hop artists


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