For Last Class, April 27

Our last class will be a studio day for you to work on the final project.

Please read the short article (posted April 19) for a short discussion on information design – where do we go from here.

And make sure that you are ready for crit and end of semester portfolio (post projects 2, 3, and final project on blog with description).

Crit is Friday, May 7, 11-1p in Addams conference room. It will be a salon with guest critics  – where final and previous projects can be reviewed.

Should we schedule an optional work day during Reading Days?  Questions about grading or anything else – let me know.

New Date for Final Crit

As discussed today, the date and time of the final crit—where all the independent projects will be presented—is now:

Friday, May 7, from 1-3p in the Fine Arts conference room.

Also due at that time are projects 2 and 3, which should be posted in their respective places on the blog.