Design Considerations

Here are some thoughts after hearing Kevin’s talk and his explanation of the primary values: Provide Context, Reveal Patterns, Describe Relationships, Engage and Delight.

There are many correlations to be made from information graphics and visualizations, but there may be far fewer principles that guide and result in successful designs. I’m going to put forward a few here that should be considered when you are composing your data. These are concepts to consider when creating a design in any medium.

Order – arrangement of material (words, images, controls) that contribute to understanding or other objective

Hierarchy – a specific ordering or arrangement in which the items are represented as being “above,” “below,” or “at the same level as” one another – based on the importance and relationship

Point of Entry – a visual representation of how to begin reading; ‘You Are Here’

Clarity – the concept that the best design includes only that which is needed for understanding, for instance reducing visual noise by elimination of unnecessary graphic elements

POV/Multiple Perspectives – the best design can be experienced from multiple positions

Narrative Form – tell a story with the data; describe, don’t just present data visually

Aesthetics (beauty, humor, attitude, cool) – the style in which a design is made is intrinsic to the designer and the subject; the way something is made should be integral, not added

For additional information, see

Themes for a Good Infographic

Web Design is 95% Typography”

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