Awesome simplistic and interactive visualization of a Bach Cello Suites No. 1, Prelude.
Created by Alexander Chen, the same guy who did the and the Les Paul Doodle for Google.
(DMD graduate 2003 -> small world.) 

Mapping Examples

These are a few examples of some maps that Dan, Tom, and I will discuss in class tomorrow:

Neu-York: An Alternate-History Map of if the Nazis Conquered NY (discussed in a post here)


Twitter mapping of geotags through various cities


Transportation check-ins on FourSquare


Underskin: The Human Subway Map


London Tube Map: New and Old


NYC’s Design Scene


Musical NYC Subway Map: Alexander Chen made a version of the NYC subway map that plays music as the trains intersect routes. (Video on linked page) –> I’m particularly interested in this usage of animation as time and music as interaction in the visual space.


The United States of Autocomplete – This gives a whole new spin on stereotypes via Google autocomplete.


XKCD Map of Online Communities (updated version!)


Maps as a metaphor: Omelette Recipe (how useful is this?)


There are also a ton of interesting maps at under the maps tag.

Sensory Mapping

This is an interesting take on mapping… I don’t exactly know how the data was measured (probably a little subjective) but it’s nevertheless an innovative way of visualizing the experience of riding an airplane. Check it out!

The Web Trend Map

I was surprised I had never seen this before, but it’s pretty cool and relevant to our new topic of mapping.  It is a map of the intangible [popular websites and trends] transposed onto the Japan subway system.  At the link, there is a video that talks a bit about how the idea came about and the process by which it is created each year.