Final Project

For Tuesday:
Post files/links and 1 sentence title/description – Project 3 (2014)

Update/revise independent project proposals and re-post to Final Project (2014)
Make a coherent and compelling presentation to group – be dramatic, persuade us

• Title
• Data sources
• Resources/inspiration
• Proposed media
• Speculative sketch

Independent Project Proposals

Proposals as of

Sohee: Self Through Film
Eric: “What does it take to be a NBA Hall of Famer”
Adi: Visualizing Music Genres
Natalia: Visualization of Variation in Women’s Clothing Sizes
Leslie: Literary Road Trips
Justin: Guitar Frequencies
Divya: Mapping Penn Alumna Data
Anastasiya: Made in Translation
Tara: Mapping Runs
Jessica: How Bad is Processed Food?