Selected Projects

2014 and 2012 collaborations with Positive Psych

Justin Lee, “What would they say?” 

Anastasiya Shekhtman, Noise of Time, a collective poem

Anam Omar – 3 2 1  – a collection of 321 tips to be happy.

2014 and 2012 Final Projects

Adi final poster: full PDF | photograph | on my website

Justin Lee, Strings and Waves

Tara Siegel, My Life in Runs

Dave Sharples, Girl Talk Mashup

 2011 Mapping Experience

Alice Yang, Programming Languages, 1950–Present

Kaitlin Pollock: Mark Making Marks

Final Projects 2009

2009 Final Projects

Victoria Schwanda, Patterns of an Undergraduate

Bianca Lauria, French Cheese Map