FL/RR Alignment

A grid is a structure that aids in the alignment and ordering of information. The rationality of that order is meaningful and results in how the design is understood. A grid should help in establishing:
• an entry point to the design
• a hierarchy of information
• clear relationships of elements
Two good examples of grid-based, asymmetric typography, can be seen in the opening titles to Hitchcock’s film, North by Northwest, and the data visualization work of Nicholas Felton.
Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.05.35 AM
Felton studied graphic design RISD and adheres to many of the principles of Modern Typography: asymmetric organization, ordered, rational, clear, simple/minimal—rejecting ornament and decoration—purposely creating space, not filling it. More here. For more on the meaning of arrangement, see Leonard Koren’s theory on object placement:
Examples of typographic arrangement in print, web, environmental:



MGMT Design

Project Projects Design

Pentagram Design

Casey Reas

Ben Fry

Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin

Justin Lee




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