Movies right now are TERRIBLE and there’s a reason why

When do people go to the movies?

If you’ve been extending cinematic purview outside the realm of Netflix, you may have noticed something even more depressing about the winter than unawarded snow days: how horrible movies are at this time of the year.

Film studios are reluctant to release films for a range of reasons: hazardous weathers keeping people indoors, the stealing of the spotlight by award ceremonies, and also simply because people are accustomed to expecting bad movies during the winter. Historically speaking, the FiveThirtyEight article aptly describes the winter as the “boneyard of abysmal Rotten Tomatoes scores.” (Although, personally speaking and anecdotally confirmed by my fellow film lovers, IMDB scores are a much more reliable way of predicting whether or not you will like the movie.)

Film Revenue by Month

And even though Michael Bay likes to remind us now and then that box office revenue does not mean a better movie, film studios are much more willing to release movies between May through July where historically speaking movies are much more profitable.

Click here for the FiveThirtyEight article!

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