The Better Way to Board an Airplane

Vox does an interesting video that illustrates the efficiency of different methods of boarding. Despite being a frequent flyer who is jaded by the boarding process, I have always wrongly assumed that the back-to-front method was efficient.

And though I’m not personally a big fan of United, it seems to have a more efficient boarding method implemented than most major airlines. Aside from using animations to illustrate the different boarding methods, it also visualizes some other factors of flying that have changed throughout the years.

Out-of-School Children

As an educator, I care about dropout issue. This visualization created for UNESCO Institute of Statistics and UNICEF shows out-of-school children issue, which usually in tedious report-format, in a quantified and engaging way!

It brings together the latest statistical findings on out-of-school children across Africa, Asia and the Arab states.

We can explore animated illustrations and interactive data to see how multiple barriers are preventing millions of children from entering or completing school!

Check out the link here: Out-of-School Children

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