Earthquake Records

This graphic shows earthquakes since 1898, by magnitude. I think it’s really awesome how it exposes some underlying truths about the structure of the world in relation to the size and placement of different countries. The fault lines in the Earth’s surface create a pattern that doesn’t correspond to man-made divisions.

You can find this visualization and more “Big Data” visualizations here:


I thought this map was a really good example of starting with an idea, getting into the weeds with the data, and finding out what happens. The results could have been uninteresting, but as it turns out, they create a very cool map and illustrate something neat about a piece of information (zip codes) that are not frequently thought about.

You can read more about the visualization here.

Airport InfoDesign

Over spring break I saw some interesting graphics in the JFK airport. Rather than using simple signage to direct travelers to different lines, they used colored circles on the walls to direct people along different passages. I don’t know if this is stretching it with information design, but “wayfinding” graphics seem very related. Here is an article that (among some other aspects of airport beautification) addresses the idea of wayfinding graphics in airports. It is interesting to see that graphics are viewed as a solution to current dissatisfaction with airports.