Policy statement against fictional infographics

(Statement prompted by overload of fictional Bin Laden infographics lately.)

The blogger: Chiqui Esteban

These are the points of the statement, which I strongly support. Visual journalism is, above any other thing, journalism.
1. An infographic is, by definition, a visual display of facts and data. Therefore, no infographic can be produced in the absence of reliable information.

2. No infographic should include elements that are not based on known facts and available evidence.

3. No infographic should be presented as being factual when it is fictional or based on unverified assumptions.

4. No infographic should be published without crediting its source(s) of information.

5. Information graphics professionals should refuse to produce any visual presentation that includes imaginary components designed to make it more “appealing” or “spectacular”. Editors must refrain from asking for graphics that don’t stick to available evidence.

6. Infographics are neither illustrations nor “art”. Infographics are visual journalism and must be governed by the same ethical standards that apply to other areas of the profession.

Read complete and endorse at NiemanWatchdog.org.

“Water Cooler Effect” of collabator productivity

Number of scientific paper citations [height] overlaid on the streetplan of the Harvard Medical School campus.  Color [gray to blue] indicates number of papers in which the first and last authors were in the same building .

Data collection: “Gathering data was much harder than Lee expected.  A team of 15 undergraduates used floor plans, staff directories, and their feet to track down the specific office and laboratory addresses of the 7,300 Harvard authors across several Harvard campuses and Massachussetts General Hospital, as well as addresses for the non-Harvard scientists included in the study.”

Did the undergraduates get authorship?   Noooooo……


Unfortuately the link to the interactive map is broken.  Paper located here

I think this is an infographic


link here

There are many on this images page, each of a different movie, and they are all incredible.

I had to look at the comments to figure this out.:

“every frame of requiem laid end to end and resized to 3”x8”  THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE IDEA. Movie Barcode condenses movies, frame by frame, into one pixel color bars.”