Six Degrees of John Mayer’s Manhood

Funny visualization of the dating graph in one part of the entertainment industry, namely, with John Mayer being the centre of the nebulous cloud of famous people. The information is organized into clusters and named as if they were heavenly bodies. The data’s not exactly accurate (e.g. Paris Hilton –> Earth –> Bill Clinton) but it’s kind of interesting, or at least entertaining.

Public and Scientists’ Views on Science and Society

This data visualization illustrates the disparities between what the public believes versus what the scientists believe on certain scientific topics. In the era we live in today, media reigns over the public opinion instead of scientific research. This can cause problems when unscientific opinions are spoken through a louder and more attractive speakerphone than scientists. One of these examples is the recent trend of anti-vaccination, which is creating a comeback in diseases such as measles, which the US had already been deemed to have eradicated 15 years ago.


The Better Way to Board an Airplane

Vox does an interesting video that illustrates the efficiency of different methods of boarding. Despite being a frequent flyer who is jaded by the boarding process, I have always wrongly assumed that the back-to-front method was efficient.

And though I’m not personally a big fan of United, it seems to have a more efficient boarding method implemented than most major airlines. Aside from using animations to illustrate the different boarding methods, it also visualizes some other factors of flying that have changed throughout the years.