How New York Tweeted During Hurricane Sandy

“Floating Sheep created this map of geotagged tweets that occurred in the days before and during the storm. What they found was that Manhattan, with the greatest population and wealth, put out the most tweets. Some events prompted noticeable responses in various geographic areas–the best example being the infamous crane dangling on 57th street, which appears as a big blue circle just south of Central Park–but other events, like evacuations and explosions, can’t even be spotted on this map.”

Project 3 Data: Income distribution in NYC

Am thinking about household income disparities and how people with fewer resources are often affected more deeply during natural disasters than those with the ability to prepare/evacuate/rebuild/relocate. In research I found this interesting interactive map of income by neighborhood in New York:

And a link to an article by someone who looked at similar patterns in the Katrina flooding: