Wind Map

This is so cool.  When you think about it, the gathering of information is probably not terribly difficult, but the visualization works so well:

Map of wind patterns in the US

Who voted and why?

Here’s a cool and quite effective infographic on the republican nominees.  Again, its the NYTimes data viz department doing a great job.  Check it out here (no clever images to go along with it, unfortunately).

I dunno if anyone’s seen this yet, but it’s a pretty clever little tool.  Although I haven’t used it, from what I understand it basically provides a WYSIWYG editor for infographic creation (just what we need, more people producing infoporn!)  What’s especially cool in my opinion is the level of interactivity they allow.  Click on some of the examples near the bottom to check it out.

American Migration Map

This is a really cool interactive map – check out where people move to from your hometown, or where they came from.  Its only flaw in my opinion is that it takes a bit of exploration to actually see the trends. For instance: try clicking on some tiny counties in Kansas and compare to those on on the Northeast coastline.


Sculptural infographic – Pentagram

I went out in search of some infographics that defy our expectations of medium — one of the first that I came across was this really well-executed piece from Pentagram.  It was shown in the Tate Modern in London, and you can read a little more about it in the attached article.  Overall, a really cool way to show data. [Link]