Six Degrees of Separation & the NBA

There is a theory that in this interconnected world, any two people can be connected by just six acquainted links or less. Fanatics decided to apply this theory to the NBA and visualize how separated NBA players who have played on the same team are from one another. The data spans from 1947 to the present and the visualization allows you to examine each player in the history of the NBA.
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The Speed of a Unicorn

Unicorns are rare beasts of the business world, startup companies that are valued at $1B or more. Once considered the stuff of myth, there are now over 180.

US shopping site holds the unicorn speed record – its $1B valuation occurred just 4 months after the company was founded. Only 4 companies have achieved such a valuation in under a year, and just 20 within 2 years of incorporation.

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