Pros and Cons of White House made Infographic

The White House came out with an infographic to help clarify Obama’s envisioned reforms for renewable energy. The infographic is certainly informative, but I find the blog post about it  from Cool Infographics even better. In the post, they analyze the infographic and tell us where the design fails and where its exceptional. So click on the photo to read all about it.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry with

Really fun infographic made by They used their information to  show the average amount its users spend on food and drinks. It’s pretty fun to watch, especially since I’m obsessed with my finances and use  Check it out.

OkCupid Infographic

Here is the infographic produced by OkCupid by compiling data from their users that Alice was talking about. Very fascinating info, I love seeing the different correlations they found.