Music video for “Remind Me” by Röyksopp

I was addicted to this song for awhile… but on to the relevant part.  This is basically an entire 4+ minutes of infographics illustrating a person’s day and how it fits into bigger-picture systems.

In an effort to support legal enjoyment of music, I decided not to embed the one version I did find that I suppose has not yet been discovered.  (There are a few other posts of it on YouTube which all have embedding disabled).  Thus, watch it here.

Browser Usage Stats

I found this awesome representation of the percentages of usage of different browsers by visitors to the site thanks to Twitter.  It’s a Flash object, so click through to the original post to see it.  Representing the breakdown of browser wars is nothing new, but there are a couple things I liked about this way of doing it.  Versions of one browser (IE6, 7, 8 ) and the same company’s browsers (Mozilla/Firefox) are designated by families of one color.  I also like that mousing over each strip shows the actual percentage data point rather than cluttering the visual diagram by attempting to include all those numbers somewhere.  The Flash object is also resizable and I noticed that it loads from innermost circles to outermost.  (Those are not really functionally useful characteristics…but they look cool!)

My sleep records

While walking back from our class this morning I had a fantastic realization.  Anyone who knows me fairly well knows that my sleep habits are usually a mess: I often go to bed way into the morning hours, sleep in through much of the daylight if I have nothing to wake up for, and generally am overwhelmingly short on sleep.  I might have started just out of my curiosity, but awhile back for whatever reason, I began logging the time I went to bed, the time I woke up, and how many hours that made for each night.  I started in November of my freshman year here (2006) and continued pretty consistently through about half of 2009, which is just past the end of my junior year.  There are some holes (nights I forgot to record) and a good deal of approximation, but my favorite element of my records is that I sometimes included comments about why I was up so late, or just an expression of how I was in for it because of how little sleep I was about to get.  Back when I was doing this I had often thought it would be really interesting to visualize this data in some way.  So my realization was that this would make a fantastic data set for an information graphic.  Drawing from some of the examples I’ve now come across via our class, an idea came into my head for how to represent my sleep log data (which I think would be better than the line graphs I used to imagine), so if I get some time I’m definitely going to try it out.