Daytum & Nicholas Felton  is an interesting site I just discovered through Nicholas Felton’s site ( I haven’t played around with it much yet but it seems like it’s a tool for collecting, organizing, and visualizing personal data over time. Could be useful for anybody wanting to collect data for a future project. Everyone should also check out Nicholas Felton’s work, he’s an awesome designer who works for Facebook and has had his infographics published all over the place.

Sensory Mapping

This is an interesting take on mapping… I don’t exactly know how the data was measured (probably a little subjective) but it’s nevertheless an innovative way of visualizing the experience of riding an airplane. Check it out!


TweetStats is an easy-to-use web app that aggregates individual twitter information into usage graphs and word clouds. If you’re a twitter user you should definitely check it out, it’s really interesting. Apparently I tweet the most on Fridays at 9pm.