All About Process

Yet another entry from Infographic of the Day, I spent a good chunk of time after class reading and digesting an article about this infographic from Pop Chart Lab.  Not just for the pretty graphic above, but for how the designers went about collecting and processing data, and then drafting multiple graphics to come up with the image you see here.  I find it particularly relevant given today’s themes about process, showing your work, and the importance of leaving a paper trail to show how far you’ve come since the first draft.  Definitely worth a read if you have some time, and some needed inspiration for the final.


Interstate Highway as Metro

After clicking through Levi’s last post, I stumbled upon this article in the archives.  I’m a huge fan of subway maps and how metro systems are designed for wayfinding, so this image really resonates with me.  In my opinion it does a better job of diagrammatically laying out the US Interstate Highway system than previous attempts, and uses a color scheme/logic that is halfway between the iconic London Tube map and Madrid Metro’s latest map design.  Click the map for the full-scale version.