Final Projects (2014)

Adi project proposal (revised)

final poster: full PDF | photograph | on my website


Eric Chao_Final Project_Hall of Famer

Eric’s Proposal


Natalia Juncadella, One Size Does Not Fit All: A comparison of size “small” across American clothing brands, One Size Does Not Fit All


DivyaPrabhakar_FinalProject Proposal

Divya Prabhakar Final Project Website Link and Print Visuals: Barack vs. Bush, Comparing all mappings on the site, and the individual mappings of Reagan, MLK Jr., and LBJ


Road Trip Novels, Leslie Krivo-Kaufman
Final Poster
Final Postcards


Anastasiya Proposal

Light Breathing Anastasiya


Jessica, What If I Made It Myself? A photographic comparison of processed vs. homemade foods with the same ingredients and the same number of calories. ProposalFinal Presentation


Sohee Cha’s Proposal (revised) (revised pt II) (final revision) – Final Project (Self: A Portrait Through Film)


Justin’s Proposal

An interactive application where one can experiment with pitch by altering the length of a string. [Link]


Tara Siegel, My Run Landscape: An interactive graphic of my runs over the past 2 years presented alongside external factors such as weather locational data. Project Proposal, Final Live Site


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