Final Projects (2010)

Independent Studies

Write name, project name, description and link to source.

  • Michael Winston, “Are Pennsylvania Liquor Laws Outdated?a poster designed to draw attention to the drinking laws in PA
  • Justin Broglie, “DMD Project Visualizer”an online tool to display projects completed by students of the Penn Digital Media Design program
  • David Yang, ECAASU 2010 Visualizer” -a representation of the attendees to the 2010 East Coast Asian American Student Union Conference at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Tory Gobat, “Tory’s Sleep Log”an interactive graph visualizing about 2.5 years of collected personal sleep data.
  • Ariel Allon, “Visualizing Billboard”interactive visualization of Billboard Hot 100 data from the past 5o years (2500 charts). Allows user to get a birds-eye view of the tastes of any era or drill down on one artist.
  • Evan Hyde, “Know Your Friends”A tool designed to pull friend information from an individual’s Facebook account in order to produce visual artifacts that are both visually appealing as well as informative.
  • Nirav Sanghani, “Caplet API and Demo”-A JSON-powered API for an existing project, Caplet, and a couple of demos to show what can be done with data in a new context. (oliviairis, coffey)
  • Leigh Van Duzer, “Four Interactive Slideshows: One Two Three Four

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