Final Projects (2011)

Independent Projects 2011

Post your name, project title, brief description, links to files and sites.

Michael Parkinson: “Visualizing the Schuylkill Rail Yards” – A visual representaiton of the physical conditions on and around the rail yards. This project was presented in conjunction with a development proposal for the rail yards for a 2nd Year Masters in City Planning studio run by Harris Steinberg. InfoVis_FInal

Mansha Mahtani: Save Money, Save Time AND Quench Your Thirst. an interactive map that displays vendors of a particular drink ranked by price based on your location, drink preference and distance you are willing to travel.

Becky Williams:  UTOPIA
A visualization of 16 of the most prominent utopian novels, stories, and manifestos ever written.  The visualization is based on the number of words, the number of sentences, and the three most frequently used words from each utopia, providing the viewer with a snapshot of each utopia and a chronological comparison of all 16.

Kaitlin Pollock:

Break Down 

Olivia Haas: Wes Anderson : Anjelica Houston Bill Murray Owen Wilson

Deborah Watson, “The brain’s response to injury and growth factors”–  a dygraph-based visualization tool that displays the overlapping biological functions activated when the brain is injured or treated with either of two growth factors.  Compiled from ~ 120,000 experimental data points from the Watson laboratory.  Interactive features include mouse-over data reporting, zoom, and click to view each treatment independently.  Opens in Firefox.

Sara Outing: Fingerboard
An interactive presentation exploring the patterns of physical use on a violin fingerboard, through examination of sample solo pieces from cross-cultural genres.

Sasha Verma:


Alice Yang: Final Design

Tzu-Ching Lai: 

Information design is not just two-dimensional. The data sculpture represents the temperature  and humidity of each extreme climate in January, such as moderate and continental.  I would like to continue the second project. Information design is relative. I am going to compare all  these climate conditions with Philadelphia. Overall, each climate condition is an independent object.


photos above: stuttgart, philadelphia, comparison

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