Final Projects (2012)

Please post final project here –  title, link (media or web), and project description:

Jenny Fan, Asian Pacific American (APA) Organizations at Penn (Web, runs best in Google Chrome)
This visualization aims to depict the various Asian Pacific-interest student organizations at the University of Pennsylvania, and provide information about them in an informational and comparable way. (Visualization uses SVGs. Best viewed in Chrome, passable in IE9, may not work in Firefox.)

Michael Rivera, Cmusic – A Musical Visualization
Cmusic approaches music visually, demonstrating the dynamics of a piece while revealing relationships among individual notes. Through motion, speed, and size, the intracacies of music are easily explained. Complexity becomes simplicity.

Tom McQuaid, Spreading the Wealth (video) (installation)
Visualizing top earners’ shares of the national income.

Gaby Moreno, WICS.Board
Tracking the history of graduating women from the Computer and Information Science department at the University of Pennsylvania since 2000.

Levi Thornton, TIGdb visualization
The TIGdb visualization is intended to simply the process of finding quick and fun indie games to play.

booteek, anam omar:
booteek is an organization whose aim is to be the link between groups of underprivileged women in Sri Lanka and the rest of the world by marketing products made by them. This project is a visual representation of what goes into making one booteek bag. (best viewed on chrome or safari). 

Dan Knowlton, Tracking NCAA Season Records – Proposal
Record Tracer: A visualization of NCAA men’s basketball season records.

Barrett Lane, The Great Northeast  (A simplified map of the various commuter and light rail systems in the Northeastern United States.  The map combines the various graphic design aesthetics of the rail operators into a single language, allowing the user to identify the major systems serving their area and beyond.  The map also points out major hubs along the systems, as well as connections to local rapid transit and nearby commercial airports.)

Jing Pei, Shipping Help Guide
A choose your adventure-esque flow chart to choose the cheapest shipping option for the needs of the shipper.

Kendall Haupt, SNL Scrabble
Play the game to see which SNL alumni starred movies together

Dave Sharples, Girltalk’s All Day Visualized (runs best in Google Chrome)

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