Final Projects (2015)

Post your proposals and final project files and links below:
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Maya Ebsworth:

Project Proposal – Relapse

Link to final design

Link to Github repository

Lauren Archambeault
Project Proposal
Beyond OCR: Public Interest Internships at Penn

Gejing Zhang (Katie)

Project Proposal

Girls Through Masks

Donald Sonn – MLB DashboardProposal 2.0

Bianca Ladipo – Final proposal revised

Jessie Mao: vanishing
Jessie Mao Final

Michele Ozer: Final Project Proposal

Final Project:

Image of Knitted Graphic

Corey Novich: Final Project Proposal


Claire Keener: Final Project Proposal

Final Project:



Anna Brill:

Final Video

The final video shows the two laser cut models. The data used is from the Extragalactic Distance Database and the research paper Cosmography of the Local Universe.

Brill Proposal

Yichen Shou:

Proposal: Playing on Words

Final Product: All Your Words Are Belong To Us

Description: A interactive visualization of the language use of video game characters through the use of Madlibs. The visualization takes in sentences entered by the user and changes it into a sentence that a game character might say by generating news words based on frequency of occurrence and swapping them into the input sentence. Half the time you get something that makes no sense; the other half you get something hilarious.

Debbie Ly: Indp. Study Proposal Debbie Ly

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