Final Projects (2016)

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Ishmam Ahmed
BEsearch: an Index of Penn’s Bioengineering Faculty
An interactive, visual diagram that provides information about professors’ research interests, publication history, and student ratings of their teaching performance.
Please view with Acrobat.
Accompanying slide deck
Sources: PennCourseReview, SEAS Faculty Directory
Proposal: ishmam.proposal.pdf

Virginia Walcott
National Park Service: Trail Guides Redesign
final project: Happy Trails                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            navigation guide: HappyTrails_Navigation                                                                                                                                    original proposal: walcott.proposal

Laura An
A Study of Complete Streets Policies: Who Passes Them? (Megan Ryerson, CPLN faculty)
An interactive matrix that allows users to examine the demographic data characteristic of states that do and do not pass Complete Streets Policies, based on clusters determined by the k-means method.

Catherine Gonzalez
Tire Tracks (See Course Folder for video)


Eric Jiang
Is There Anybody Out There?

Esther Yoon
Project: Poetry Movements Across Time
Proposal: esther.proposal  Description: A composite graphic of data extracted from two major poetry websites to analyze the development of poetic genres from 1770-2001. The Internet is selective about which poems are made available to the public for each poet–what does this say about the site curators? The level of interest in poetry in general as poems get digitalized and made accessible online? Data

Amelia Storck
“The Candidate Brand”
A two-part project that explores presidential campaign logos between 1960-2012. The first part is a large wall graphic timeline in which the logos are dissected by their design qualities. The second part is an interactive pdf that allows viewers to sort the logos based on several design and ideological parameters. Open the second file in Acrobat in order to see the interactivity.
Final Pieces: Amelia_ThesisFinal; Amelia_CandidateBrand
Proposal: amelia.proposal.pdf

Diane Kim
“But which emoji do I use?”

Link to Presentation

Minjun Chen
Linguistic landscape of Philadelphia Chinatown (Jiwon Woo, Penn MFA)

Final Project:  Linguistic Landscape of Philadelphia Chinatown
Minjun Chen-Proposal

Xiaoye Xing
HUE OF PHILA – Visualizing Mural Arts in Philadelphia(Shira Walinsky, MuralArts)

Xiaoye Xing.Proposal

Mikael Mantis
The Art of Tricking
Tricking Wiki
MikaelMantis.Proposal | Mikael Mantis Final Proposal

Melissa Buja
Rooftop Solar Panelling – A Solution That Barely Skims the Surface of Some Cities’ Energy Needs

Jenny Ho
Universal Binaries / June 21, 2015
Revised Proposal
Photo Documentation

Jinxiang Wu

BechdelTestBreakdown (Please view with Acrobat)
An analysis of Gender Inequality in Film (Yue Xu, Freeman’s Auction)
Jinxiang’s Final ProposalJinxiang_FinalProposal_Revised