Project 1 (2012)

Please put files with your names and titles below:

Michael Rivera
Making the Grade – An analysis of life through schooling.
Making the Grade

Anam Omar$ vs. g
Autobiographical Data Visualization: A visual representation of my life through the people I know and interact with.

Daniel Knowlton
68 Tees: A brief autobiography based on t-shirts.
Website: 68 Tees
Handout: 68 Tees Handout

Gaby Moreno
GabyMail: A history of Gaby as told by her Gmail archives.
Handout | Presentation

Levi Thornton, The true cost of laziness
A visual representation of orders from

Barrett Lane,  I Am What I Eat: A look at what and where I’ve eaten in the recent past.
Handout: I Am What I Eat (Handout Version)

Jenny Fan, A Lifetime of Words in Numbers
Presentation | Handout

Tom McQuaid, Portrait of a Tweeter
What my Twitter History Says About Me
Handout | Presentation

Dave : PDF, Texting Habits    PPT, Texting

Jing PeiA Polish Addict

Kendall Haupt,
Website | Handout

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