Project 1 (2013)

Katherine Eisenberg, In My Closet, You Will Find  (Eisenberg_In My Closet)

Samantha Swee Merritt, Style Matching Algorithm.  Powerpoint(StyleMatchingAlgorithm).  Handout(stablematching)

Lauren Hallden-Abberton,  3 Years in Tweets (Handout | Website)

Celia Lewis, Celia Lewis, (Handout|Presentation)

Tatiana McLauchlan, Swimming Halfway Around The World, Swimming Halfway Around The World.

Patricia Roth, time fliestime flies_print / time flies_presentation

Jennie Shapira, 6 months in 2 minutes, (website | handout)

Jason Rudin, m or t, (video)

Kevin Shen, Music Associations, (Website | Handout)

Blanca Abramek, States of Mind

Maggie Goldstone, TheUglyTruth-PDF | TheUglyTruth-Handout

Abigail Seligsohn Make-up of Making Make-up of Making

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