Project 1 (2014)

Please post name, presentation and handout files:
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Divya Prabhakar: “Idol Worship” FNAR_Pres_IdolsIndividualsHandout_Divya

Adi Dahiya: “2013 in music” presentation, handout

Natalia Juncadella: “me through tea” presentation , handout

Leslie Krivo-Kaufman: “100 People That I Know” presentation, handout

Tara Siegel: “1000 Miles in my Running Shoes” presentationhandout

Sohee Cha: “personality through film, 2006-2014” presentationhandout

Jessica Xu: “2013 Photobiography” presentation, handout

Eric Chao:”Eric Chao’s Facebook Friends” presentationhandout

Anastasiya Shekhtman: “Photo Evolution”presentationhandout

Justin Lee: “Seven Days of a YouTube Search History” presentationhandout

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