Project 2 (2010)

Justin Broglie, “My Yogic Morning”

A symbolic journey detailing my morning workout, along with statistics of my vitals along the way, including heart rate, breath rate, time in position, and repetitions.

Evan Hyde, Sonic-Scapes

A static visual representation of sound. Emphasis is on creating a meaningful and visually appealing way of appreciating music using only the sense of sight.

Leigh Van Duzer, “Edit”

The process of editing 35 nearly identical digital files to choose the best. Decisions based upon subtle changes in composition, exposure and focus.

Michael Winston, “Mapping Kappa Sigma

An interactive interface to map the hometowns of the 2010 members of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at the University of Pennsylvania. Designed to show the clustering of the individual classes.

Ariel Allon, “What’s in a name?”

Given just a first and last name, how much information can you find about someone? People are represented as dots which can be colored and sorted based on various criteria and clicked on to see all the information (without the name). Due to this large gap in privacy, only a screenshot of my information is linked, not the interactive version.

Ariel Allon, “Allon Project 1”

An presentation exploring the statistical aspects of having 7 siblings.

Tory Gobat, “By the Coffee & Tea: 3 Weeks of Tory”

A map showing the locations of my purchases and consumption of coffee and tea daily for three weeks. Click on the dates on the timeline for the details of that day’s drink(s).
(Please pardon the current version’s scaling and usability issues — an improved version should be forthcoming.)

David Yang, “Kobe Bryant 81 Points”

A visual representation of Kobe Bryant’s 81 point game against the Toronto Rapters, the second greatest individual performance in NBA history.

Nirav Sanghani, “Swingout Breakdown”

An analysis of the forces required to do the quintessential Lindy Hop step: the swingout.

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