Project 2 (2012)

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“Where did all the time go?”
Jenny Fan
This interactive visualization maps my scheduled time commitments during college by activity.

“The Geography of Squares”
Barrett Lane
A comparative look at the shapes and sizes of urban squares across the world.  The graphic looks at 16 squares and their surrounding neighborhoods, depicting the formal boundary of the square with its respective one-block radius.  All drawings are done at the same scale and in the same style.  A process diagram is also included.

“Breakdown: Muse – Absolution”
Levi Thornton
This project is an interactive exploration of my experience when listening to a music album. It tracks multiple variables to show how I experience each song, and shows how each song compares to others.
Breakdown: Muse – Absolution

“Sleeping Hackers – You snooze you lose.”
Gaby Moreno
A study following the unusual sleep patterns of 93 participants at PennApps 2012, a 48 hour hackathon held at the University of Pennsylvania.
Sleeping Hackers Website

“Epic Songs”
Anam Omar
A visual representation of  songs shared by Anam Omar and Adilah Ismail from October 2011 – present.
view here

“cMusic” – A study of musical notes in J.S. Bach’s Prelude in C Major
cMusic PDF – Michael Rivera
cMusic Short Sample Video

“Singing Through The Party”
Tom McQuaid
A visual representation of the range, number, and intensity of notes sung per song in a full length musical.
PDF Presentation – Tom McQuaid

“Mapping Tchaikovsky”
Dan Knowlton
A visual representation of the orchestral score of the “1812 Overture” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Overture(PDF) – Dan Knowlton
Interactive Website

“Lobby Space” – Mapping foot traffic in the Inn at Penn lobby
This presentation illustrates all foot traffic that occurred in thirty minutes at the Inn at Penn Lobby on Wednesday, February  8th. Each individual’s literal path, as well as places of entry, exit, and pause, are recorded. The foot paths build up to create a cumulative map of areas walked in the lobby.
background music
Powerpoint presentation

“The Double Life of a Traveling College Senior”
Jing Pei
A visualization of travel over a year.
Mapping Travel


Word Map

Dave Sharples

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