Project 2 (2013)

Please post your name, project title and brief description – and embed files or links


Lauren Hallden-Abberton, Which regions have the most Etsy sellers with 1000+ sales? A visualization of successful Esty sellers in America by their location and category of what they create.

Maggie Goldstone, Shot From This Angle A visualization measuring creative success and consistency of the top 100 critically acclaimed films and the top 100 box office grossing films through correlation between overlap and ranking.

Katherine Eisenberg, Chin Music, A interactive infographic displaying the frequency that different styles of facial hair appear among pitchers in the national league. (Open on Acrobat)

Celia Lewis, Creative Plates A visualization of the most creative restaurants in the world

Patricia Roth, The Clock of Creative Time, A 24 hour wallclock showing the most creative time of polled people.

Kevin Shen, Calvin vs Garfield, a text content analysis of how creative the two newspaper comics Calvin & Hobbes and Garfield are.

Abigail Seligsohn,50 Most Followed Pinterest Users-interactive  (must be viewed in Acrobat) Examing other components of tthe 50 most followed Pinterest users

Samantha Swee Merritt, Calculating Creativity, Using color to abstract an individual’s creativity in comparison to society as a whole

Jason Rudin, Startup Ecoystem Creativity, Mapping startup ecosystems on various dimensions to understand the global startup world, and what influences creativity (with respect to Silicon Valley).

Jennie Shapira, Censorship as a Hindrance to Creativity, Visualizing a lack of creativity in the censorship of words.

Blanca Abramek, Focus- A Composite Image of the Decrease in Creativity Test Scores & an Increase in Drug Stimulant Production

Tatiana McLauchlan (100cubesThe Tie Connecting Creativity and Color ) A physical visualization of the 100 richest ( self made American’s tie/blouse color.

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