Project 2 (2014)

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Name, project title, 1-sentence description, link to project site/files:

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Natalia Juncadella, Girl Talk, A map of the top 20 body image words used by females across age, Girl Talk by Natalia Juncadella

Eric Chao, The Most Likely Sentence, A powerpoint simulation of a website that generate words and sentences while visualizing each word’s relative frequency and the correlations with gender, The Most Likely Sentence

Sohee Cha, looking at how “I should” usage differs in age. Self-Expectation through SHOULD. Project file here.

Tara Siegel, An interactive visualization that explore the transition between the use of ‘I’ to ‘We’ related words as age progresses in normal everyday speech based off location.  Live Site 

Jessica Xu: Type By Type, a visualization of differences in keyboard usage across gender and personality types.Type by Type Presentation |  Type by Type Handouts

Adi Dahiya, Tweet Topic Correlations Between US Counties. Interactive graph visualization online here.

Justin Lee, “What would they say?” 

Anastasiya Shekhtman, Noise of Time, a collective poem.

Diyva Prabhakar, WWBP Project

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