Project 3 (2010)

Justin Broglie, “Best Life Cycle at Penn”
My interpretation of Penn’s best picks–a cyclical movement of their choices, in the order that those choices probably happen.

Michael Winston, “Aggregate Voter Results”
A stacked value for each response to the Best Of Penn Survey based on the survey questionaire order.

David Yang, “Best Waste of  Tuition Money”
A visual breakdown of the cost of Penn’s Eero Saarinen’s “Womb Chairs”.

Leigh Van Duzer, “Best Places”
A photographic representation of the scores of some of the Best Places to go on campus.

Nirav Sanghani, “Best of Penn”
A comparison of the number of votes received by the winners of each category.

Evan Hyde, “Visual Text”, “Bubble Graph”
Both visuals show an aggregate view of the “Best of Penn” survey results. The visuals capture the total number of votes for each category as well as the total number of votes for each response within each category.

Ariel Allon, “Best Time of Day to Procrastinate by Taking the Best of Penn Survey”
A graph representation of the time of day for responses to the Best of Penn survey, bucketed by hour. Overlayed with average human circadian rhythm.

Tory Gobat, “The Awesome, the Not, …and how close the votes were.”
A scatter plot on which the winner of each category is positioned according to two scales: negative to positive connotation, and the overall confidence that this winner is truly the best (based on by how many votes the second-place taker trailed the first).

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