Project 3 (2012)

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The Cost of Happiness – Tom McQuaid
Version 2 – PDF
Ranking global happiness as it relates to life expectancy, GDP, and carbon footprint. Project includes posters, postcards, clothing designs, and an interactive booklet.

Happy/Sad – Levi Thornton
A minimalistic visualization of the rates at which bloggers post they are either “feeling happy” or “feeling sad.”

The Times Positivity Scale – Dan Knowlton
The Times Positivity Scale is a representation of the general mood of the front page of the New York Times over the course of the year 2011.

Happenstance Happy – Michael Rivera
Using years of Gallup Well-being index data, this tool will tell you  how likely you are to be happy. 

This is Your Century – Jenny Fan
A visualization  of the most frequently used words in commencement speeches across time periods: 1930s-1970s | 1980s | 1990s | Early 2000s | Late 2000s. The final piece was an accordion paper display.

The Art of Wellbeing – Barrett Lane (WIP): An abstract re-interpretation of the Gallup Well-Being Index of the 52 largest MSAs in the United States, measuring wellbeing and several related factors categorized by population, income, and geography.

A Wedding Planner – Gaby Moreno Cesar
From “To-Do” to “I Do”, a yearlong visualization of stuff to get done before the typical wedding day.

Happiness through the eyes of Self Help – Jing Pei
Color frequency in happiness self help covers modeled by origami stars, a symbol of well being and happiness in asian cultures

3 2 1 – anam omar
a collection of 321 tips to be happy. Includes a random tip generator, if you’re feeling lucky! (best viewed on chrome or safari)

Teen Birth rates by State and Legislation – Dave Sharples

Visualizing teen pregnancy rates as a result of sexual education legislation

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