Project 3 (2013)

Tatiana McLauchlan 

The Music: Created by determining the various wind speeds of woodwind and brass instruments. Those instruments were then added together in various ways so that they equaled the wind speeds of Hurricane Sandy at different points in time. The notes were determined by correlating in/sec with Hz and converting to musical note frequencies. Each beat represents one hour.

The Visual:Satellite images of Sandy organized chronologically and stacked on top of one another. The width of the image is proportionally related to the speed of the storm. The thinner the image, the faster the storm was moving. This allows the slow scroll to be more representative of the storm.
Lauren Hallden-Abberton
Without Power – a visualization of power outages in the 5 boroughs of NYC and the length of time it took each borough to regain power.

Patricia Roth
Swept Away_Mantoloking – physical change of barrier island community Mantoloking

Kevin Shen

Opportunity cost of Sandy – what could we do with the time and money lost to Sandy?

Blanca Abramek

Predicted vs. Observed Water Levels at the Battery, NYC During Hurricane Sandy

Katherine Eisenberg

Million Dollar Donors – A look at corporate giving to organizations related to Hurricane Sandy.

Samantha Swee Merritt

Tribute – A look at the victims.

Jennie Shapira

Land Loss Potential in New York City from Hurricane Sandy

images: 1 2 3

Jason Rudin

We did well… A look at 311 Data during Hurricane Sandy.

Maggie Goldstone

Losing Power Hurricane Sandy’s dramatic effect on power in the Northeast.

Celia Lewis

Hurricane Sandy’s Storm Surge: Sandy’s Surge + Images (1 & 2)

Abigail Seligsohn : The 20 Most Financially Destructive Hurricanes Project3

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