Project 3 (2014)

Post files/links and 1 sentence title/description for Project 3 – Mapping Experience:

Sohee Cha. An animation maps the paths and habits of museum-goers visiting Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” (1888-9) in the PMA. [click here] [Products created with data visualization: (1) and (2)]

Divya Prabhakar. Mapping current College of Arts and Sciences students to their most likely future selves, based on the post-graduation data from the past 6 years. Print mapping can be viewed here FINALFINALMAPP.

Jessica Xu, “A Measure of Comparison”: A map comparing the physical distance traveled by the pen when writing the same words and phrases in Chinese and English. Poster and Presentation

Tara Siegel, “Women in Software Engineering – A visualization of inequality”: A interactive commentary on the absence of women engineers in the tech world.  The accompanying visualization illustrates the point using a crowd sourced data set of ~130 smaller tech companies.  Link

Adi Dahiya, Electronic Sound Synthesis – An interactive web-based synthesizer & 3D canvas that visualizes a synthesized instrument’s amplitude envelope over time. [Link]

Justin Lee, “Guitar Map” – An interactive application for visualizing finger positions of chord progressions on a fretboard.  Link.

Eric Chao, “UPenn Food Availability” – An interactive map that shows available restaurants and food trucks arranged by time. UPenn Food Availability Presentation

Natalia Juncadella, The Sweet Spot: A map that reveals the location of the highest concentration of sugar per serving size in a supermarket. Map: The Sweet Spot. Presentation: The Sweet Spot Presentation

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