Project 4 (2011)

Project 4 Interactive Narrative Your name, project title, brief description, link to file/site

Michael Parkinson, “Rewriting White Noise” – An interactive ‘quote board’ designed to let the user rearrange famous quotations by many authors to rewrite Don DeLillo’s White Noise. Narrative_Boards

Mansha Mahtani. The Story Behind Pedestrian Traffic Lights. This project enables you to find out the status of the pedestrian traffic lights on Walnut Street, depending on the street you are at and the time (hours, minutes, seconds). It then tells you where to move the slider in the movie. Traffic Light Calculator  Traffic Light Flash Video

Sasha Verma: An interactive visualization of the amount of times certain names are mentioned in the first book of Fellowship of the Ring. Lord of the Rings Name Frequency Deborah Watson : Interactive visualization that populates colorful, easy-to-read tables with the results from up to 5 search sets of data related to microbes.  Oh, sheez, you guys don’t have Excel.  I’ll bring it over on my laptop for the crit or I can email it to anyone interested. Excel Spreadsheet  xls version  FNAR Project4FINAL-DW Excel Spreadsheet xlsx version  FNAR Project4FINAL-DW

Alice Yang Interactive screenshots that chronicle 24 hours of my life. website

Becky Williams Glimpse: here A visualization of the way a snowboard moves in terms of it’s angle of orientation in relation to the direction of the ski slope in a five-second time period. Created in Flash (my first experience with the program), the user is able to start and replay the five-second animation and click a link to the data video on Vimeo (because of issues between Macs, PC’s, and the unique JVC hard drive files, the video could not be integrated into the Flash animation itself).

Tzu-Ching Lai Take the movie-Amelie, then, subtract the movie into 1 sec/frame. Using first 25 minutes of the movie, I reorganized the frames according to the genders. print1

Kaitlin Pollock censored video







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