Semester Collections (2011)

Please post infovis material – links, images, texts, etc. under your name – label and identify sourc

Olivia Haas


LAxNYC Road Trip


US Debt

San Fran Crime

A Comedy of Errors


Tzu-Ching Lai

Mansha Mahtani

William Netter

Sara Outing

GE: Better Health interactive study
The State of Wikipedia
Movie Sequel map
Mapping Trolls
Homeland Security Scraps Color Code
3/1: Reading references
Narrative as Architecture: Moby Dick
Form Follows Data: Iohanna Pani portfolio
More from Pani: Objectology
Anthony Burrill
Craigslist Getting Technical

Michael Parkinson

This Stacked Section is from the book SOAK: Mumbai in the Estuary by PennDesign faculty members Anuradha Mathur and Dilip da Cunha.

Aerials of suburban florida

Architecture firm KPF was contracted to master plan the new city of Songdo, South Korea. The entire document was beautiful, but I thought this was a great example of a unique timeline. It is not the most clear document in the world, but visually, I think its wonderful.

Kaitlin Pollock
How to Breakdance
B-Line B-Boy Drawings
Anthropometries de l’epoque bleue
China Green Pedestrian Crossing

Sasha Verma

Deborah Watson

Multiple sections

Multiple variables


Beautiful filled sphere



Another type of plot


Something genomic


Protein structure


Circles and leaps

Icons and panels

FNAR project3

Rebecca Williams

Snowboarding Olympics
91 Words for Snowboard
Snowboard Illustration

Alice Yang

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