Selected Student Projects, 2009–2015

Info Vis Intro 2015

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Victoria’s Patterns of a Penn Undergrad and Synchro East
Liliana’s Hamburgefons

Dan’s T-shirts

Dan’s NCAA Basketball Tracer

Bianca’s Cheese Map

Lauren’s Etsy Sellers Map

Chloe’s Alternative To Corn-Derived Ethanol Diagram

Jessica’s Keyboard Frequency Map

Jessica’s Stroke Length Comparison
Anam’s 321
Anastaysia’s Noise of Time
Justin’s What Would They Say?

Lauren’s Power Outages Map

Jessie’s States of Sexual Education

Dave’s Texting Habits

Dave’s Girl Talk

Brynn’s Sunday Night, Monday Morning

Debbie’s Smoking in California, 1984–2013

Debbie’s Weight of Healthcare